Team & Organizational Coaching

Few environments test the strength of an organization like professional sports. Three decades in Major League Baseball give me a deep understanding of winning cultures, processes, and systems. Team coaching can bring these concepts to yours.

Build & MaintaiN a High-Performance Culture

Making your slogans reality: 
Behaviors matter more than words. Plan and act accordingly.

Goal Setting & Alignment

One message supporting all: 
Define goals your entire group can rally around in language everyone can understand.

Match Skills to Roles

Clearly defining who does what when: 
Entrust the right people with the right responsibilities at the right time.

Foster Productive Friction

Disagreeing without being disagreeable: 
Great ideas come from candid conversation. Create an honest, open environment.

Navigate Change

Choosing change leadership over change management: 
Approach change as a new beginning rather than a failed ending.

Implement new Information, Ideas, & Technologies

Turning potential threats into useful tools: 
Customize education and support for faster adoption and improved results.

“I cannot recommend Joe highly enough. His experience in a fast-paced environment, education in business, and ability to help me simplify the seemingly complex has led to significant professional growth. There is no doubt this growth will continue to benefit me and any teams I work with long after the coaching conversation has ended. I only wish I had made this investment earlier in my career!”

Dr. Teri Bourdeau

Psychologist and Business Owner