Hone Your Edge

We all have an edge. It sets us apart, helps us conquer our challenges, and moves us ahead. Harnessing your edge creates an advantage. Mastering it makes it your superpower.

High performers know their edge. Elite performers never stop improving it. Elite athletes have always used coaches to enhance their skills. An increasing number of executives and even coaches themselves are now doing the same.

Whatever your edge, Joe Bohringer Executive Coaching can help refine it. 

I honed my edge through 31 seasons in the high-stakes business of Major League Baseball.

An industry with a brutally honest scoreboard, it also sets elite standards for winning cultures, systems, and people. In that environment, an edge is not a luxury. It is a prerequisite for success.

Joe Bohringer, executive coach

Honing your edge is simpler than you think:

  1. Awareness through clear definition of challenges, opportunities, and goals.
  2. Action through specific commitment to deeds and behaviors. 
  3. Accountability through internal and external support.

The key is customizing this process to make it your own. Elite athletes enlist coaches to track progress and measure success. You deserve that same advantage.

“Joe is an elite listener who delivers concise, intelligent insights. He gives ultra-specific feedback based entirely on language I have used. He is passionate about helping find solutions to even difficult challenges. Working with him leads to not just better but more authentic decisions with lasting results.”


Author of 27 Essential Principles of Story: Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling from Shakespeare to South Park

“Joe puts you instantly at ease. He’s interested in how he can help you be a better version of yourself, whether that is as a leader, team player or both. There is no challenge Joe can’t and won’t address, all done in a calm solution-oriented manner that makes challenges and goals ultimately feel achievable.”


Director of Development at Shelter, Inc.

We all have our edge.

Start honing yours today by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

Joe Bohringer's Cubs MLB ring